Crop reports 2019

GarlicNov 18.12  cloves saved planted in plastic bed. Several stem bulbs sown in small modules. All up in Dec.
Elephant garlicNov 18. 2 saved cloves planted in large pots. Some bulbils in modules. Up in Dec. 
Leeks15/1 Sowed 3 pots in cons. Tadorna (1yo), Hannibal (1yo), Lyon Prizetaker (6yo). Up 24/1 Tadorna, 27/1 Hannibal xx/2 Feed Ph.
Peppers16/1 Sowed 3 pots in cons. Anaheim (new), Gourmet (1yo), Poblano (2yo). Up 12/2 Anaheim 21/2 No Poblano sowed 7 Ramiro.
Spinach29/1 Sowed 8 modules (2 seeds each) in cons. in home compost. 11/2 Up.
Onions11/2 Sowed a pot of Tokyo Green Onions. 16/2 Up.
AOne plant. Fair result.
HesperisSelf sown. Really good!
HollyhocksRust. No flowers
LeeksBrilliant! 4 pots. (Hannibal & Tadorna) Still got 2 pots to harvest (mid-Jan)
LettucesGood crops in trays, pots or beds. Lollo rosso best. 
Pak choySown in August. Never very good.
ParsleyOverwintered. Brilliant in lawn bed. Cropped till July. Still going in September. And still using in January!
PeasSowed early for pea shoot salad. Good. Some left for small crop of peas. More sowed o/d in July did not come up!
PeppersGourmet. (orange) 3 in conservatory. Good crop of 6 peppers.
PotatoesCharlotte from shop. In bed. did not grow well but provided some nice meals.
RadishesEarly crops good. Need more. Autumn sowing looks doubtful.
TomatoesNo blight this year. Medium crops. Heat seemed to stop growth. Tigerella were good. Mountain Magic look fine. I am trying to overwinter cuttings. (One 2nd gen. under growlight still alive in Jan.) Gardeners delight did less well this year. Maybe save seed of this one.

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