Friday 14 August 2015


The two elephant garlic bulbs I harvested in July had 24 little bulbils attached around their bases. On Thursday I sowed these bulbils into small pots. I didn't know whether to remove their hard outer coatings or not so I removed half of them and left the other half complete with coats. I will be able to tell from the results I get which technique works best.

Two of my leeks had bolted to flower a couple of weeks ago so I harvested them, using the scapes and the leek bodies in a ratatouille. But these had two small bulbils too. I planted them into small pots and sunk them in the ground to see if they came to anything. Reports later!

Over the next few months I planted many offsets from the bases of leeks as I pulled them for use. If these grow my leeks look like a perpetual crop!