Sunday 24 April 2016

Squashes and courgettes

Last week I sowed squashes and courgettes. 2 seeds to a 3 inch pot. 2 pots each of 8 varieties! Golden Zucchini and Butterpie were seeds left from last year and new from Seeds of Italy are zucchino Verde d"Italia and Custard White, zucchetta Rugosa Friulana and Tromba d'Albenga, zucca Marina di Chioggia and Butternut Rugosa. The Verde d'Italia were first up but they are all up now and the weaker seedlings are being discarded from each pot.
My basils had their first potting on last week and are sitting with the tomato plants in the conservatory.
The tomatoes have been up a month now and are doing well. The new Italian varieties are about 6 inches tall and the old seeds are about 3 inches.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Another sunny day!

Lovely weather today. I spent most of it potting and sowing. I potted up seven pepper plants. The one which I overwintered already has two one-inch green peppers on it! I sowed 40 carrots into a trough for outdoor growing, James Scarlet. My earlier sown carrots have gone outdoors as well now. Early pak choy are now potted on in the greenhouse.

Monday 11 April 2016

Strawberry field forever.

At the end of March I prepared my "central" bed to give a greater depth of soil, added some compost and nutrients and then planted out my 6 strawberry plants. The new bed should make it easy to net them off from birds this year.
The spare space in there is being used to shelter trays and pots of seedings under a cover until they are ready to be planted out.

Sunday 3 April 2016


I planted my sarpo mira potatoes on 31st March. 6 growing bags had 3 plants each and 3 ten litre pots had 1 each. my growing medium was made up from leaf mould and last year's spent potato bags and a bit of sieved gravel compost. It was all enriched with BFB at a rate of about 1 ounce per plant.

They are all sitting in the greenhouse now. The early sown pentland javelin are still in there too, just showing about an inch above the soil.