Thursday 11 February 2016

Sweet peppers

I sowed some sweet pepper seeds in the first week of February. They are in 2 inch peat pots, with my mix of seed compost. There are two seeds in each pot. One old, one new! - 3 pots of shop Ramiros and 3 of California Wonder. I saved some seed from a late maturing small pepper for the new seeds. I wonder what the germination will be like.
Notes: First one up (a Ramiro) on 23 Feb.and by 27th two of each variety were up.
28th Feb. Sowed 10 potlets, 3 seeds each of Ramiro for Steyning Museum sale on April 9th. Up on 12th March.

Monday 8 February 2016

First seeds up!

On Saturday 6th February, I saw that my onions and leeks had both come up in the conservatory. That's just 8 days after sowing. The same leek seeds took 16 days last year. This confirms that they came up because I moved them closer to the heat source. Germination does not seem to have deteriorated with last year's seeds.