Crop reports 2016

A disappointing year all round. The greenhouse is shaded out. The plots were attacked by something that digs! Need to grow more for interest, less for expectation! If I have another bad year I think I'll change to flowers.

Summer squashes

Verde d'Italia 14
Golden Zucchini 5
Rugosa Friulana 3
Tromba 3
Custard White 2

Winter squashes

Marina di Chioggia  1
Butterpie 0
Butternut Rugosa 0

BasilExcellent crop when grown in pots in conservatory. 3/4 pots are plenty.
BeetrootSome edible golfballs. Not sure if it's worthwhile though. The leaves were good though.
Broad beansSmall crop. Mild winter meant leggy, weak plants.
CarrotsExcellent. Flakee gigante did well in a pot. Others OK too.
ChardReally poor crop this year. 
CosmosGood plants, though flowered in November! Old seed apparently.
CourgetteSee above. Variable.
CucumberOne plant in greenhouse. Not much good.
FoxglovesBrilliant! Plant more!
French beansA few nice pods but not a good crop. Dwarf beans poor too.
Garlic, elephantGood growth. Four plants but only made "rounds". Kept to replant for next year.
HesperisNot as good as foxgloves, but OK.
HollyhocksLovely! Seed taken to grow some more. The plants may survive to flower again.
Leaf beetLike the chard - just didn't go this year.
LeeksAnother good year. In pots this time. Still using in February. Mini leeks in plot still to come.
MarigoldsSelf seeded in Apple Garden. Another good display.
NigellaOne pot did well, but don't last long. Another pot failed completely.
Pak choyGive good plants but not sure if there's enough to eat.
ParsleyExcellent. Grow in garden and in pots.
PeppersOK in conservatory, but I'm not sure they are worth the trouble.
PotatoesA fairly good year. But they are a lot of fuss for a small reward when grown in pots.
SquashesSee above. Not a success.
TomatoesNot much of a crop from the Italians. Gardeners delight is the only real cropper.

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