Tuesday 24 November 2015

Lord Derby takes a trip

I moved my Lord Derby apple tree on Monday. The last couple of leaves were hanging on but we have had a couple of good frosts now so I thought it was a good time. it has moved to a hole in the lawn. I gave it most of a bag of Jack's Magic compost to help it along. There was a good fibrous root system but I had to break the longest deep roots. I'll wait to see how it does next year. I'll leave pruning till January.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Elephants are up

My elephant garlic bulbs had come up by Sunday (15 November). I noticed the shoots about an inch tall on Monday. The single shallot I planted has been up for a week or so. It has a nice group of leaves growing. There is no sign of any of the little bulbils growing yet except for one of the leek bulbils planted on 14th August. All the offsets of leeks are coming on and I get more to put in each time I pull a leek!
(20 Nov. The first of the garlic bulbils has sent up a shoot.)