Sunday 22 January 2017

Early leek sowing

I sowed a 5 inch pot with a fairly thick spread of King Richard leeks today. Jack's compost used and a good spray on top. The compost was warm after a couple of days in the conservatory and so was the water. The pot is in a plastic crate "greenhouse" to keep it moist. (First seedlings up on Jan 28th)

The onions are well up now. About 3 cells with none, mostly 2 or three, some with more, may need to thin.

VERY hard frosts this last week. 

Saturday 21 January 2017

Seed tests.

I watched a YouTube video from "Home Grown Veg" yesterday on testing old seed for viability. It prompted me to copy him and do a test on all the outdated seeds I might be using this year. The seeds under test are in a plastic VHS case with a paper towel lining, alll given a good spray of fresh water.

I'll be checking them over the next three weeks to see what the results are.

Here are the seeds and my recording sheet:

Sunday 8 January 2017

Sowing onions

40 cells of Tropea Rossa Lunga (last year's seeds) sowed in Jack's Compost. 3/4 to a cell for multiple planting. Left in the conservatory to germinate. (First germinations visible on 15th January)