Saturday 28 May 2016

More potting

Yesterday, I put out the rest of my squash/courgette varieties into pots. One of each variety is still waiting to go into the haybale bed. (They went in on 29th) I also potted a "left over" red kitchen potato that had sprouted in the cupboard. This is an experiment to see if that gives decent results, but I don't know the variety. (Maybe Désirée)

The day before, I potted on the eleven tomato plants (right) that are waiting to go into the broad bean bed. We ate broad beans in their pods last night. (They were lovely!) So the tomatoes may not have to wait too long.

The foxgloves (left) sown last June are flowering now, along with the hesperis and putting on a good show. The vipers bugloss are getting enormous and nearly ready to flower. The James Grieve apple tree appears to have set about 200 fruits!

Thursday 26 May 2016

Potting peppers and squashes

I potted up a custard white squash today and left it in the greenhouse for the night. One of the peppers got potted on too. That one stayed in the conservatory. I intend to do the rest of the peppers and squashes into pots over the next few days.

I applied Nemaslug to my beds today. Will it work?

Thursday 19 May 2016

Beans are out

I planted out the Hestia beans today. Only 2 of the Boby Bianco were good enough to go out with them. (left)

And five of the Meraviglia di Venezia have gone into a large pot with the obelisk to climb up. (right)

The other one has gone into the leek bed with a spiral stake to climb on. (It got eaten by slug/snails!)

The garlic chives are potted up now and sitting outside and the first two lovage are potted too.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Boby Bianco beans

Of the 10 Boby Bianco sown only three came up and one of those does not look good. So I sowed another 6 today in toilet rolls again. The 7 which did not come up had rotted. Why? Too wet? Too cold? 9/10 Hestia and 6/6 Meraviglia di Venezia came up in the same conditions. Those appear to be doing well now, hardening off outside in the daytime.

Thursday 12 May 2016

Potted tomatoes

I potted up 12 tomato plants today. 6 are in the greenhouse, 3 by the summerhouse and 3 around the conservatory. All were potted very deep with lower leaves removed.

Basil plants are growing well. I removed all the tops today to make them bush out.

It was sunny and all the bean plants had a day outside, hardening off.

Sunday 8 May 2016

Beans are started

Last week of April. Sow beans my calendar said. So I did. 10 Hestia, dwarf runners; 10 Boby Bianco, dwarf French beans and 6 Meraviglia di Venezia, climbing French beans. They all went into the conservatory and the Hestia are up today. (The others followed in the next couple of days.)

I planted one tomato Principe Borghese out in the plot three days ago and a couple of purple basils went out next to it today. Six garlic chives were potted up, one gardeners' delight tomato went out in a pot next to the conservatory today and one Verde d'Italia courgette went into the squash bed. Broad beans are just beginning to appear and the apples have an enormous amount of flower just opening.

I bought two cucumber plants this week and potted them up into small pots in the greenhouse. Pak choy and salad greens have gone out into the shady plot and chard seedlings are just showing.