Tuesday 25 July 2017


Seed collected from plants, sown on 10th July, pricked out and potted up today.

Saturday 1 July 2017

Garlic harvests - first courgette

The elephant garlic was ready in mid June so I harvested my 4 bulbs. All good. They are hanging up to cure in the old greenhouse.

The two garlic cloves planted last winter solstice grew well and looked ready to harvest on June 30th. Each had a good firm bulb but they were less than an inch across. Maybe it's not a good variety for my conditions. Still they are curing with the elephant garlic now and will be used in the kitchen. The scapes have been saved for use in the kitchen too.

I might try another variety next winter.

First courgette was picked today, good size from Verde d'Italia in the bed.